About Atlas Brookings

Nottingham_Magician3 The son of a psychologist and a computer programmer, as a child, Nottingham Magician and Mind Reader Atlas Brookings voraciously read anything that he could get his hands on. In what he now recognizes was a desire to better relate to his parents, he would read the books in their personal libraries, including countless books on varying topics in the field psychology as well as technical manuals on different programming languages. By the age of eight, he had written numerous computer programs and read and understood books with complicated-sounding titles, like "The Peter Pan Syndrome".

Atlas quickly realized that the input-output system used to relay information to computers was very similar to the five senses that the human brain uses to obtain, weigh, and process data. He began to see the human mind as a computer that could be programmed. Over time, he began to experiment with this idea, and soon married the disciplines of the psychologist and computer programmer. The result was that he became adept at predicting what people would do when subjected to certain stimuli, earning him a reputation as a mind reader.

Atlas is frequently asked to address groups at schools, universities, and corporations, offering powerful and compelling bespoke messages presented in a memorably entertaining fashion. As of today, Nottingham Magician and Mind Reader Atlas Brookings has performed wonders for all sorts of people.

Inevitably, the question he is most often asked is "How Do You Do It?"